Some possible problems and solutions are:
“There are artifacts in the output image”
Check that you have the quality level set to 100 with the “-q 100” command line setting.
“The color are wrong”
You have to use a color managed image viewer and have a calibrated display with correctly configured color management software to get the correct colors. Safari on the Mac is color managed, as is Firefox on PCs. But note that you have to manually enable color management on Firefox. Most good quality dedicated image viewers are color managed, but you should check your specific software.
“The image looks dark”
Many PCD images look darker than usual when converted with default settings. You can use the brightness setting to compensate for this. See the Usage page for an example.
“I can’t open the INFO.PCD file”
Photo CD’s contain a “INFO.PCD” file in their root directory. However, the INFO.PCD file isn’t actually an image file - it contains thumbnails and data on all of the image files on the CD. The actual image files are in the  “IMAGES” subdirectory of the CD. pcdtojpeg doesn’t use the INFO.PCD file, and will give error messages if you try to open the file.
Getting help
You can post questions on the forums at pcdtojpeg at
Reporting bugs
You can report bugs/problems via pcdtojpeg’s home at pcdtojpeg at You should BOTH send me an e-mail via the SourceForge e-mail system, AND leave a message on the SourceForge pcdtojpeg forum. Please send the crash log (if applicable) and any messages output to the Console.
Troubleshooting Problems