For pcdtojpeg to convert 64Base files, three things have to occur:
  1. 1.You must specify the “-r 5” option on the command line.
  2. 2.The directory structure must be the same as for the original CD. 64Base images consist of a 16Base PCD file and a number of image extension files. pcdtojpeg will only be able to find the extension files if the file structure (the relative locations) of the PCD file and the image extension files are the same as for the original Photo CD.
  3. 3.The case (lower case vs. upper case) of the file names must be consistent.
For example, to convert the 64Base image IMG0001, you would do:
  1. pcdtojpeg -r 5 IMG0001.PCD
Directory Structure
The directory structure must look as follows (using the example above):
For pcdtojpeg to be able to operate correctly, the relationship between the
The critical part is that the relationship between the base file (e.g., IMG0001.PCD, the file name that you specify on the command line) and the extension files (for IMG0001.PCD, the C1_0001.ICR, C2_0001.ICR, INFO.IC, Y0001.ICR and Y0001.ICR in the IPE\IMG0001\64BASE\ sundirectory) must be as shown above. The process that pcdtojpeg follows is reverse out from the location of the base file to the CD root directory (PHOTO_CD in this case), then find the extension files relative to that.  
pcdtojpeg is not sensitive to what the CD root directory (in this case the PHOTO_CD directory) is, but is sensitive to anything below that - the IMAGES and IPE subdirectory naming, and the names of any subdirectories and files in them.
The Case of Filenames
For either Windows or OS X, the case of filenames does not not matter. However, for *nix operating systems that are case sensitive, there is a potential complication. CD’s store their filenames in 8.3 format uppercase. However, for reasons lost in the mists of time, many *nix and Linux operating systems mount physical CD’s with a name translation that converts uppercase names to lowercase. pcdtojpeg will do its best to detect this, and use either lowercase or uppercase as applicable, but if your files have been converted between systems, you may find inconsistencies.
The general rule is that for pcdtojpeg to find 64Base files correctly, the case of the filenames must be consistently either uppercase or lowercase, not mixed.
Using pcdtojpeg with 64Base Images